Smart Home Solutions

Imagine yourself in your perfectly automated home....

You wake up in the morning and your shades rise to let in the perfect amount of the new days sunshine.

Your lights slowly dim to adjust to the new light in the room and your thermostat adjusts simultaneously.

Now relax in your kitchen sipping your morning coffee as your favorite music plays gently in the background.

That's what we do. Vibrant and unique home integration in an ever changing inventory of technology. Enhancing your lifestyle by integrating high quality and high performance technology into your homes and projects. From conception to completion we are a design and build organization that brings more to the table than just products, we fulfill your dreams. Click here to download smarthome info guide

Lighting is all about creating the perfect ambience. Total light control uses the perfect combination of natural sunlight and interior lighting. With the touch of a button create the perfectly lit environment to match the desired mood with our specialty scenes. Shades rise in the morning and set dim lighting in your home by choosing your Awake Scene. Goodnight drops your shades and sets secure lighting on the exterior of your home. Your exterior lights will welcome you home and you'll never enter a dark house again. Click here to download shade info

Streaming Audio Music on demand that fills your home. Experience the richest possible sound, choose different music for different rooms or listen to the same throughout your home. Choose from a variety of streaming music services all available to you at the touch of a button. Home Theatre Experience the ultimate in entertainment in your own home. Cozy up in theatre seating, dim the lights and let the show begin. Immerse yourself in high resolution audio and video and theatre size screens,all fully customizable.

Keep a watchful eye on your home and loved ones wherever you are in the world right on your smartphone. See who's at the door; track the movements of family, visitors and events. Put your mind at ease knowing you and your loved ones are fully protected 24 hours a day. Click here to download safety and security in your home guide

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