Central Vacuum

Premier AVI is committed to helping you achieve the ultimate in whole home convenience.  Installing a central vacuum system is just another piece of that puzzle.  By placing vacuum vales and dust pans throughout your home we are able to create a system that allows you to quickly and easily clean your home.  

For those who want the convenience of a central vacuum system without the hassle of carrying a long hose from valve to vale we also offer the revolutionary Hide-a-hose system.  With Hide-a-hose we install a retractable hose right into the valves.  So when you want to vacuum you simply open the valve, grab the hose and do your cleaning.  When you are finished the suction of the vacuum retracts the hose back into the wall and it is ready for the next time.  We can install longer hoses and cover larger areas from each valve with this system as well.  Covering up to 2300 square feet from each valve.

what our clients are saying
We are extremely satisfied with the system recommended and installed by Kevin and the high quality of workmanship which is clearly evident. ~ Alan Hudson