Controlled Lighting and HVAC

By having Premier AVI install controlled lighting and HVAC control into your home you will be able to create the ultimate in convenience.  Whether you want a very simple system that knows when you hit the pause button on your remote control to bring the lights up in that room or a complex system that knows when you come home after sunset to turn on a path of lights from your garage to your mud room, hallway and kitchen, we can create the perfect system for you.  

If you are away on vacation and want to turn lights on and off at various times while you are sitting on the beach in Mexico to make your house look lived in… no problem.  Even turn the heat up the morning of your return from the airport so your home is at the perfect temperature when you walk in the door. All offered to you at the touch of a button.  

Allow us to show you what you can do and then tell us what you would like; then we will work to design the perfect system to suit your needs and desires.

what our clients are saying
We are extremely satisfied with the system recommended and installed by Kevin and the high quality of workmanship which is clearly evident. ~ Alan Hudson