Security Systems and CCTV

Your total home security is vital to us.  By using a combination of recessed door and window sensors and properly placed motion sensors we will create an environment that you will feel safe in.  We also offer: smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, panic buttons, glass break sensors, and water sensors.  Allowing us to create whatever level of personal security you are looking for.

CCTV is another vital component to overall home security.  Whether you want to see who is at the door when someone knocks or you want to be able to log in from your office to see what is going on at home we can deliver it for you.   Alarm and camera systems have come a long way and have really become a necessity in today’s day and age.  Allow us to show you some ideas on how these advancements can help increase your peace of mind.

what our clients are saying
We are extremely satisfied with the system recommended and installed by Kevin and the high quality of workmanship which is clearly evident. ~ Alan Hudson