Structured Wiring

Whether you are building a new home or renovating your current one, structured wiring is the all important first step that provides the foundation for the technology employed in every room.  Structured wiring allows for growth for future advances in technology and is a convenient and surprisingly inexpensive necessity that feels like a luxury.  

Typically we will install a recessed low voltage can which will house all of your low voltage wires.  By running a combination of coax, telephone wire and digital cables to various locations throughout your house back to this central can we are able to distribute virtually any audio or video feed to any location you desire. This approach also helps us create the best possible data network for you.  By combining hardwired Ethernet jacks with wifi hot spots and boosters, we can ensure that your network has no dead spots.

what our clients are saying
We are extremely satisfied with the system recommended and installed by Kevin and the high quality of workmanship which is clearly evident. ~ Alan Hudson